Foreign languages

Automatic Translation Service of Our Website(当ウェブサイトの自動翻訳サービス)

We, the Japanese Red Cross Fukuoka Hospital have introduced an Automatic Translation System of our website in order to provide hospital information to non-Japanese speakers.

Information of the Service サービスについて

Method 方法

  1. Please go to Google Translation.
  2. Please select the language. The Japanese website will be automatically translated by Google translate into the language you have chosen.
    言語を選択してください。 日本語版ウェブサイトは、グーグルによって自動的に選択した言語に翻訳されます。

Precautions 事前に注意すべきこと

Please note that:下記の点に注意してください
  • The Automatic Translation System do not always provide an accurate translation. When any difference in interpretation arises because of nuanced difference in related languages of systems, the Japanese website shall be given priority.
  • There are some pages which may not be translated by the Automatic Translation System, such as pages programmed by a different programming system, pages protected by encryption, or by any other reasons.